Maureen Paley Interim Art is pleased to present its first solo exhibition by Rebecca Warren.

Iconoclasm, magic, sex and experimentation are some of the main themes in Rebecca Warren’s work.

Over recent years she has worked in a variety of media such as video, photography, installation and neon. ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy’ is a new body of sculptures made over the last two years. Fabricated from hand made, unfired clay, this new work has a visceral, protean quality that is tempered by the crumbling fragility of the medium.

Warren has stated, “I think my approach to making art is a kind of non-didactic process of self discovery. A making sense of the madness of things. I’m unafraid of the potential of my work to sometimes veer towards the grotesque. I suppose it is quite old fashioned in a way, as much as it is contemporary. I see the work as free from irony and functioning as an eclectic hybrid of the new and the old, bringing together a range of sources from Bernini to Helmut Newton, and Rodin to Robert

Warren received her BA from Goldsmith’s College of Art and her MA from Chelsea College of Art, London. She was an artist in residence at the Ruskin School, Oxford University, from 1993-4.