Maureen Paley is pleased to present The Hidden, a group exhibition including work by Sean Dack, Graham Durward, Dick Evans, Lars Laumann, David Ratcliff and Dash Snow.

We are drawn to the shadow. That which is hidden can be more compelling than that which is known.

SABI includes the notions: ancient, respectable, antique, mature, melancholic, lonely subdued, seasoned etc. But Sabi also implies a feeling for the transitory nature of things which are beautiful precisely because they are fleeting.

WABI includes the notions: simple, lonely, melancholy, quiet, desolate, impoverished and unpretentious. It is the subjective impression evoked by a picture representing a lonely fisherman’s shack buffeted by a storm on a grey winter day. It presents an undefined mournful impression that is filled with the enjoyment of the magic contained in the most simple things. Wabi is a feeling of the simplicity and naturalness of things. Together sabi and wabi convey an impression of quiet serenity.

YUGEN includes the notions: dark, obscure, mysterious, uncertain, profound, subtle. It is a subjective picture, for example, the moon shining behind a veil of clouds or a mountain hidden by the morning mist.

W.B. aesthetic concepts, Suiseki, 1969/ 2000